joi, 2 decembrie 2010

my mother's cradle

left and right
you must've cradled me in your arms
today you're nowhere to be found
yesterday you were pushing me to the ground
no fly me to the moon's
blood in your spilled milk
i compromise
and close my eyes
burning I feel my heart
but the warmth is gone
so cold your voice
i steal my homes
from happier new-borns
i used to believe
no place for me
figured out your world's too poor
my voice too soft
your smile holly grail
never here, never there

all that black and white
turned to new found color, cosmic light
drunk myself to life too many times
i'm a bitch, i'm a crow, i'm the baby
in the cradle grown
lullabies you sang to me
I remember somewhere deep
but today, you're just another saint
painted figure on my wall
a number in my mobile phone
someone not so real, not so pale
you're the phantom holding me
in all past cradled dreams

I felt lost and somewhat I died
old and frozen dish, stale bread on the side
laughing with that old man hiding on the moon
God's not your trademark mum
the rights you give yourself are not your own
all the times you pushed me to the grave
I resurrected as a Lazarus rewind
and you're so blind you can't see me
stop projecting all your pain like a blinded bee
you sting so hard and oh so deep
I've no more healthy skin to blister and to heal

my mother's cradle
was never here and now it's gone
you betrayed my love, my trust and my resolve
hit me still, if that you must
yet keep in mind my sightless mother-soul
that all you take is forever stolen and lost
you can't fulfill royalty dreams without my consent
there will be a day you'll need me
and a day I'd wish to be there
but I will be so distant, whole and fair
from running far away
no prayers, no tears, no lies will bring me back again