joi, 19 august 2010

hope dies last

maybe the world
is a very dark place
the heart's light
still shines bright
maybe music dies slowly
some of us
become guitars
piano and violins
and will forever sing
maybe love always dies
the journey 'till the end
hides such beauties
the human eye cannot transcend
naked bodies drowned in moonlight
people hurt other people
we kill, by sword or word
the hardest part
of it all
is learning to forgive
maybe no one knows who
you are and yet
do you understand?
only an open soul
can help
when it rains
cuddle near your friends
tell stories, laugh, cry and never forget
hope spins the ride
and even though
it's all burlesque
there's only this chance for one to taste
the true embodiment
of God's faith
do hope
because, even if you may well
pretend otherwise,
love is above all else
and hope
for hope dies last


Murakami once wrote: "Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they're also what tear you apart."

we let curtains fall
let doors slide
let tears dry
but in the end
no matter how much
we love
or care
or fight
the bitter truth
is by our side
there's no one left
to understand
while we can count
the stars instead
and fumble
with words
twin souls
bring pain
memories of snow
drown me
in sunny morning
oh! how my youth
i slide
something inside
has grown
so hardened
like stale bread
no water
soften me
i've grown up
and how
i wanted to run
from these feelings
swirl through my
making a slow hum
like a bee's buzz
yet present
it'd stop
so i could spread
my wings in the wind
at least
in my dreams
oh my
i can't
hope is a foreign language
i have to learn
again and again
no escape
from the past
not for me
when they
can't see
past this
why? cling
to all these ineffective rules
i don't care
can't you see
it's only me
that is all
nothing more
nothing less
one must know
all the rest...
just empty

joi, 5 august 2010


i'm that good-for-nothing
always there for you
i'm that disgusting thing
holding your head when you cry
i'm the one you need
and every time i bleed
because your words cut me
you scream, you hit, you leave

just shut up
close that ugly mouth
eat those words
let them slide
up yours
i no longer care
i will be in pain
and then i'll go
far, so far
your words won't reach
my heart
i swear this is the last time
you ever hurt me