miercuri, 21 martie 2012

poker night

She sat with a smoking gun in her hands
told you that she has a modern love escape plan
while you partially believed
you trusted more your selfish heart
and your eyes searched for another way out
while you lied and played your cards so smart

you lie so silent in the middle of the night
she takes her tears and washes off your doubt
you thank her 'n you search for a way out
while she fights for a way to get you precious freedom
freedom of thought

she promised a star and bought you the whole sky
you laughed and said she oughtn't have
that your silly girl should forget to dream so high
that it's past time you left and played some poker tonight
that you'd have a lifetime to regret your youth's impetous fights

she took her gun and blasted your picture off the wall
her soul's wall shattered inside out
she looked you in the eye and promised she will give up the fight
you laughed and said you needed to play some poker tonight
and while you disappeared she swore she'd haunt and hunt you caped in moonlight

she pawned her gun
traded it for that kind of love that's worth living for
taped and glued her soul till it stoped falling apart
but some shattered pieces still haunt you
you win at poker every time, you're just so smart...
but your heart's the one you gamble every night