vineri, 4 decembrie 2015


Cu puritate ma bucur de orbita stelei tale
Ce inconjoara catifelat cu lumina luna mea pitica
M-am agatat de ea printr-o forta de atractie cosmica
mai puternica decat gravitatia…ce uneori se numeste iubire
iar lumea noastra o foloseste drept referinta universala
Galaxia noastra c-un soare si-un satelit vibreaza
In cantec, in liniste si-n armonie

Din afara se vede ca un licurici cu aripi ce azi cresc cu inc-un pic de uimire 

luni, 3 august 2015

The winds of the wheel

In a brief moment
Light fades to darkness
Though not by a switch
It is the sound of the heart breaking
Pausing the world to a crooked, slow beat

Nothing is new
Nothing is real
Some days are blessed to bloom
Some days are blessed with tears
This small rock, damned to exist

Lies spin webs of half-truths
For small men to hide in
The eye sees all and blinks…
Another thousand years gone
Harsh whispers carried in the wind

Like a sonata, colors swirl in thought
Snow spiked with fire
Hearts burning with ice
All can be used as a weapon
In the never-ending wars of the wheel

In a brief moment
Life fades to death
Though not by a switch
It is the sound of the heart stopping
Pushing the world to cease to exist

Morning then comes
Creeping behind waves, peaks and trees
All grow inside me… some blossomed at night, others disappeared
Like stars, fires and souls, life waxes and wanes

The wind will still be blowing, when nothing else lives

sâmbătă, 28 iunie 2014

Funnel of freedom

I have cherished thy name since my heart was a child
I have ran towards you , screamed at you , embraced and touched your face in awe
yet here I stand in the rising smoke of your demise, smiling with my grown eyes wild
the more I rant, the more I cry, the flowers of your departure bloom in my mind

as a hypocritical note, i still carry the thought
that all I've lost, I have put at your feet, prayed to my Lord that the offerings please
I have surrendered my choices on the altar of rhythm
hoping their burden would not crush the promise of freedom

The crossroad still hints at the end of the funnel
where possible paths narrow down to the point of arrival
my broken arms however are too light for this fight
my feet will not carry me throughout the glorious walk

In the blinding lights of the dawn I can't feel the sun
and I ache too much for the beauty I can almost touch
If only my fears would not hinder my wonder
I could stop being the foster child of my plunders

For I have stolen the cracks of your castle
morphed the end to a means
broken the laws of abstraction
left myself carried by years

A new day is upon us
much apprehension
the comprehension
that I am here

duminică, 3 martie 2013


Deschizand pleoapa cu ochii clipesc nefericit
numai cu dreptul
aprind galant luna de la intrerupator
cu degetul stang comit o mica infractiune
si-mi scriu visele direct pe linoleumul alunecos

Permut dintr-un colt intr-altul al ratiunii stinse
mii de franturi de zbor
le destept alin printr-un blestem de iele
inecat in zile nesfarsite de ploi verzi marunte
sori pititi intre pereti si jaluzele de birou

Camera inca-i aprinsa intr-un joc de napalm
iara-n jurul meu florile se-usuca si mor
cu gratie ridic fumul de mana pana-n tavan
desi cu ironie ma mint ca nicicand n-am sa cobor...
nici clipa nu-i dusa, nici eu nu sunt chiar om

Maine promit din nou sa ma ignor
Incep chiar sfarsitul cu ochiul putred si gol
pustiul sa-nfrunt doar eu si cu altii intr-un jilt de metrou
numai un mic furtisag domnule judecator
atata-mi ramane mie si ultimilor zei muritori

vineri, 8 februarie 2013

Azi dar ca si ieri, ca nicaieri

Azi te las sa ma asterni pe pamantul teapan
caci lumina de afara a fost prea moale pentru clipa din mine
si-am fost prea pierduta sa ranjesc reavan
azi te las sa ma presezi in cartea ce-ti curge prin vine

Nici macar frigul nu se preschimba-n zapada
toate mor si ne nasc ca si ieri
iara doara ce-o tintesc intr-o ureche
e la fel de fada ca si canapeaua pe care
iar m-am rastignit

Perdeaua de apa mai seaca decat fumul pluteste
toate se preschimba-n maine si totusi
iara arde focu-n becul de-azur
caci vara ne-o topi tot intr-o iarna ca o cada
am plecat dar n-am cazut din locul cald, din patul mut

Crengile mi-s gri si-asfaltul parca-i numa zoaie
mucegaiul creste-albastru prin plamanul zdrentuit
caci nici copii n-au mai vrut sa clipeasca a mirare
iara toti suntem intr-unul
as vrea sa-mi canti iar despre samovarul pierdut pe mare

Azi te las sa ma asterni etern pe tot nefericitul pamantesc
caci afara nu-i lumina si-am furat pana si ziua cea de-Apoi
in pumni strang pledoaria pana-n sange vanat o sufoc
azi vreau sa ma-mbratisezi ca pe-un olog amar si gol

constat cu-amaraciune ca azi e ca si ieri,
iar pretutindeni ca si nicaieri
doar azi

sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2012

cu Inocenta

te-nvarte copile, te-nvarte
cu capu-n soare, uitat prin campul gras si florile balaie
zboara pasarea mea cu-argint in piepti
si nu-ntreba 'ncotro te-ndrepti
iara 'napoi sa nu privesti ca pasii stersi sa nu te-mbie
in val sa sari, gandu-ti 'nalt sa pierzi in marea stravezie

spre-apusul de culmi goale
cu piatra de moara du-te de zor
si-arunc-o din cerul de pucioasa in dosul cel de vale
sa-ti fie viata toata numa' vara
tu sufoca lacrima-n pamantu' plin de zoaie
sa arza taranii teama in focurile lor de paie

lasa-ne noua patimile si glasul ragusit de oaste
tu plimba-te-n padurea de foioase cat inca-i zi si pace
lasa-ne noua ceata si plansu-ascuns de mama
tu cata scoici pe mal si flori de colt pe coaste
iara visele ascunse ce ciripesc la sanul cald
fereaca-le-n uitare sa nu le fure somnul, nici noaptea umblatoare

te-nvarte copile, te-nvarte
vioi ca licuricii ce se iubesc pe florile de nufar
tu nu cata soptitul ploii nici urletul ce-l sufar
lasa-ni-l noua si-apuca inocenta cu pumnu-ti mic de mana
iara cand ceasu-n ochi ti-o arde veacuri
lasa sufletu' zburdalnic liber, sa joace-n campul gras udat de roua

vineri, 5 octombrie 2012

A birth in spite of nature

I was born of the Word
Feather crafted in a dough made of void
winter born of charred summer
in the fires of weeping
and hot breath of mad foal

God touched the tip of my head
and blinded by so much light
I was born in the pain of wisdom
strange, a taste of blood on the tip of the tongue
devil's salt in my eyes

Skull smashed in pieces
by this heavy touch
I was born falling
by the highest mountains
in the wave of scorned flood

I always climbed
towards a a sky too high
loosing my footing as I walked from an empty cloud to another
I was born alone
learning to die while I dreamed

I was born of a Song
in a promised house
which was never mine
ruined castle
a fox's den built of wasp's hums

Bloodied, scarred feet
in a search too grand
I was born in the desert
where they carried sins
to be washed in the sand of ashes

I always whispered the Word and the Song
eyes counting stones
soul lost in Japan's blossoms
I was born in the dried ink
of a poet too romantic

I gave birth to myself
as I knew best, as I could
yet the light still burns
in the nights falling over glass deserts
carrying a sword, crafted in the fire of old steeds
a word of faded ink
and the phoenix feather stuck in my crown
I was born slowly as I ran
always searching for some answer
in a shallow humming of beyond
by the sea
It was me that gave myself
always of the dank soil
from ashes tossed in waterfalls
too high and too cold
in the volcano of love

I was born
of the Word
against nature's will