sâmbătă, 28 iunie 2014

Funnel of freedom

I have cherished thy name since my heart was a child
I have ran towards you , screamed at you , embraced and touched your face in awe
yet here I stand in the rising smoke of your demise, smiling with my grown eyes wild
the more I rant, the more I cry, the flowers of your departure bloom in my mind

as a hypocritical note, i still carry the thought
that all I've lost, I have put at your feet, prayed to my Lord that the offerings please
I have surrendered my choices on the altar of rhythm
hoping their burden would not crush the promise of freedom

The crossroad still hints at the end of the funnel
where possible paths narrow down to the point of arrival
my broken arms however are too light for this fight
my feet will not carry me throughout the glorious walk

In the blinding lights of the dawn I can't feel the sun
and I ache too much for the beauty I can almost touch
If only my fears would not hinder my wonder
I could stop being the foster child of my plunders

For I have stolen the cracks of your castle
morphed the end to a means
broken the laws of abstraction
left myself carried by years

A new day is upon us
much apprehension
the comprehension
that I am here

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