vineri, 4 decembrie 2015


Cu puritate ma bucur de orbita stelei tale
Ce inconjoara catifelat cu lumina luna mea pitica
M-am agatat de ea printr-o forta de atractie cosmica
mai puternica decat gravitatia…ce uneori se numeste iubire
iar lumea noastra o foloseste drept referinta universala
Galaxia noastra c-un soare si-un satelit vibreaza
In cantec, in liniste si-n armonie

Din afara se vede ca un licurici cu aripi ce azi cresc cu inc-un pic de uimire 

luni, 3 august 2015

The winds of the wheel

In a brief moment
Light fades to darkness
Though not by a switch
It is the sound of the heart breaking
Pausing the world to a crooked, slow beat

Nothing is new
Nothing is real
Some days are blessed to bloom
Some days are blessed with tears
This small rock, damned to exist

Lies spin webs of half-truths
For small men to hide in
The eye sees all and blinks…
Another thousand years gone
Harsh whispers carried in the wind

Like a sonata, colors swirl in thought
Snow spiked with fire
Hearts burning with ice
All can be used as a weapon
In the never-ending wars of the wheel

In a brief moment
Life fades to death
Though not by a switch
It is the sound of the heart stopping
Pushing the world to cease to exist

Morning then comes
Creeping behind waves, peaks and trees
All grow inside me… some blossomed at night, others disappeared
Like stars, fires and souls, life waxes and wanes

The wind will still be blowing, when nothing else lives