sâmbătă, 26 iunie 2010

semispheres (translation)

semispheres floating
all that was yesterday
seemed perfect and grand
today is abject and broken
the curves are missing
and quickened steps
the wind is wispering
and the rain...water is swimming in water
the halves are sliding
wrongly glued
a hint of red
is crying in whimpers
the bustle is missing
i pull myslef
and hit with silence
till it hurts
and yet i can't feel
lunatic forest
tangled in hair
hides snakes
with dulled teeth
the world is melting
as in a painting of time
inert and yet
the scream
constricting my stomach
climbing famished up my esophagus
clutching my throat
and yet nothing can be heard
not even the brownian motion
i can feel it spreading through my vocal cords
the colors are vibrating
while i stride
i'm holding on to the umbrella
i'm saving myself
i'm watching myself
from the sky
from the trickling clouds
on the grey hills
i'm singing again
alongside the unknown
burning the pavement
with my anger
i speak
even i can't understand
i'm climbing stairs
and descending
for dark corners
of smoke
broken windows
so as to lose myself
in blunt shards
the unstuck semispheres
a part of a me
broken and abject

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