vineri, 2 decembrie 2011


foot upon foot...walking barefoot
too early and yet past late
to feel the splinters caught in dead wood
and the blistering cold of plastic spread

encased in smoke as always
eyes flicker with city sounds
summoning a thought caught in weakness
opening somewhere in the cracks

the heart still remembers the feeling
of magical moonlight through glass
yet stained is the mind which controls it
and stained were the memories cast

a spell floats in the ashes surrounding
humane death in a thread
and while all that grew deep is left rootless
real colors seem here to prevail

the taste left is bitter yet truthful
a stain of truth on trembling hands
but as silence is hard to come by to
tomorrow will shake it aloft

cometh forth all ye cracks of the soul
the void you indulge is so grey
in sleep all the terrible screams are now muffled
and cloudy is the dungeon you scale

nothing is left for fate to rewind
no snapshot of forests once alive
and while everything goes on in circles
this dream spirals downwards towards skies

the feet walking barefoot on hardwood
are splintered by spikes in the clouds
the sounds of awakening strike as lightning
there are no clocks left to capture the time

this storms like all others will grow
and then abruptly fall in the abyss still hinted inside
to form tiny cracks in the clouds
of the dreams I walked barefoot upon

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