marți, 13 decembrie 2011

Wild child

Cold-eyed burning child

You walk on scavenged beaches

You hide you trust in all the wrong places

And search for lust in faded faces

Little hand drawing a sign

Growing spot- the bird flies in the sky

Your soul it took and now you shake your head

And all is fine

Your clothes are salted

Frail hair melts in blowing wind

And in your stare, the lively thought

That you might feel- if you would kill- something

You hid notes deep inside your throat

From time to time you seem to mouth

Forgotten songs and magic verses

Yet nothing moves, the world is death and silence screams

You grew in sand

Covered in scars and open wounds

Your mind evades

And when the night drowns in the sea

You dive deep

Stars shine on the bottom rocks, you pick them up

There’s nothing here again

No motion

You suspend

Time ticks happily away as the universe stops

You revolve

Look around but you won’t see a sign of life

Not even you

And when all hope crumbles

Eyes wide open

You see a soul- a twin-

And reach

Your hand stretches on infinitely

And you’d caress the child’s sweet face

And yet you press

Deadly, hard, decisive

You take a life away

And you remember what it feels to feel

The loss

Beginning of an ancient search

For the twin you’d always need to kill

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