vineri, 30 octombrie 2009

unghii de drac-luna amara-my translation:)

for all the luna amara fans out there (care probabil n-o sa vada postarea:))...suna bine traducerea asa ca o postez, it's on of my favourite songs from my fav band

i'm searching for a color so that it would make me sleep, suspended in grey as if i were not...looking for someone without knowing, without coming; above words i forgot to forgive all that we are: lost and naked, i forgot to believe in silence shared in two, the light inside of u. hours drown between two expectations, all is happening now, all is but a road without consequences...u couldn't care less, it does not make u better. and your light seems to be fading and mine seems to die inside of it...the small wonder of asking and searching.

every stone thrown towards the sky does not come back with rain, it falls silently inside of us, without pain... u turn back to mud, to drown your demon's nail in sand, when u play inside your own mind, when u lie laughing, death on your face, blood in your words, just a speck of dust in the wind. The world is happening and you have no choice: is it yours to dream? is it yours to loose? and what have you understood? are you yours to loose? are you yours to forgive?

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